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 Back numbers

 Back numbers of some of our other publications are still available. See this PDF list of back numbers of other publications.

They can be purchased by sending £4 per copy for hardbacks and £2 per copy otherwise  - the cost of postage - to

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In May 2018, the Society published

Upholland College: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Priestly Training

by Dr Peter Doyle,

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 Dr Doyle is a former student and teacher at the College and the author of Mitres & Missions in Lancashire: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Liverpool 1850-2000.

This book is now out of print but it is available to members in PDF format in the other publications section of the Members area.



Over the years the Society has published a number of publications which we aim to make available to our members in PDF format.

Sample publications

The following publications are made available to the general public as samples of the Society's publications.

Catholic Historian's Handbook (PDF)

by Brian Plumb


Catholic Family Historian's Handbook (PDF)

by Allan Mitchinson

Arundel to Zabi (PDF)

A Biographical Dictionary of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales (Deceased) 1623-2000
by Brian Plumb.


From the Fylde to Rome: Two Essays on the Life and Influence of William Allen (2002) (PDF)

by J. A. Hilton

Originally given as lectures on the four hundredth anniversary of Cardinal Allen’s death in 1994.

- ‘The Catholic Fylde’ is a history of Catholicism in the Fylde from the Elizabethan Reformation to the twentieth century.

- 'William Allen’s Rome’ describes the liturgical music and the architectural setting of the churches of Rome during the time of Allen’s residence there.


Other Publications available to members only

Here is a list of other available publications. To view links to PDFs for all these publications or find out about becoming a member, click here

Upholland College: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Priestly Training

by Dr Peter Doyle.

Lingard's Hornby (PDF)

An essay by J. A. Hilton, first published in Catholic Englishmen, Essays presented to the Rt. Rev. Brian Charles Foley, Bishop of Lancaster in 1984.


John Lingard (1771-1851), priest at Hornby in Lonsdale (1811-51), eminent historian, and leading campaigner for the restoration of the English hierarchy.


Found Worthy (PDF)

A Biographical Dictionary of the Secular Clergy of the Archdiocese of Liverpool (Deceased), 1850-2000
by Brian Plumb


Raising St Walburge's (PDF)

‘We will build as far as we have the means’: Raising Saint Walburge’s, 1850 to 1866

by Tom Smith. The story of the building of St Walburge's church in Preston, Lancs