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North West Catholic History is the Society's annual journal containing aids to and the results of research. It has been published annually since 1969 apart from a break between 1974 and 1977.

Back numbers

Back numbers of many of the volumes are still available. See this PDF list of back numbers of the journal.

They can be purchased by sending £2 per copy - the cost of postage - to

Hon Treasurer

NW Catholic History Society

11 Tower Hill



L39 2EE

Cheques should be made payable to N.W. Catholic History Society

Digitised copies

The journals have been digitised and are available to Society members.

We have produced 43 volumes of the Journal and produced an index of the first 25 volumes which you can either read here or download the original document here: NWCH Journals Complete Index Volumes I to XXV

 Volumes I to VI and Volumes XLI to XLIII are searchable

Volumes VII to XL are provided in two formats in order to make them available as soon as possible. We had them scanned in but checking of the OCR is very time consuming as we discovered in checking Volumes I to VI. The formats are:

  • Image PDF: PDF of scanned images which is not searchable,

  • OCR Text PDF: PDF of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processed text which is searchable but not fully checked and corrected.


Here are two free sample copies:

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