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Catholic Family History Society

Please note that the North West Catholic History Society is not primarily a family history society. However, this booklet, The Catholic Family Historian's Handbook, that we published in 1999 may prove useful to you although some of the addresses (and the Society membership subscription) may be out of date.

Catholic Record Society

 English Catholic History Association

 Catholic Archives Society

Lancashire Past

This website is about historical places that can be visited in Lancashire. It was started in September 2013 and is regularly added to. There are currently around 180 places described in detail.

The Biographical Dictionary of Greater Manchester Architects, 1800-1940

The nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth were the heyday of English Catholicism, and, therefore, of church building, especially in the Greater Manchester and Merseyside sub-regions. This Biographical Dictionary will be invaluable to students of the Catholicism in the period.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive ( is a free, growing collection of media, including out-of-print books, e.g. Bernard W. Kelly, Historical Notes on English Catholic Missions, 1907).

We owe this information to the Chapels Society: