Conference 2016

The annual conference took place on Saturday 3rd September 2016 in Warrington.


11-30 a.m. Assemble for coffee/tea.

11-45 a.m. AGM

  • Minutes of last AGM.
  • Reports
  • Election of officers.

1200 Brian Farrimond “New NWCHS web site”

1230 Adam Cree  “Renee Perez Henrique: An Unlikely Discovery on Warrington war memorial”

1315 Lunch

1400  John Davies “World War 1 Memorialisation”

1445 Dr Phillip Dixon  “Was Christopher Hollis a spy?”   

1530 Allan Mitchinson “Terence John Kennedy, 1899 – 1974”

1615 Tea/coffee

Conference ends


The conference is for the exchange of ideas and information, and all those attending are invited to contribute. The Society is grateful to those who have offered papers. The programme is not rigid, and can be altered to suit speakers’ travel arrangements. Those offering papers are reminded that the aim is to stimulate discussion, that work in progress, rather than work completed, may be as interesting to the audience and more useful to the speaker, AND THAT THEY SHOULD RESTRICT THEMSELVES TO THE TIME ALLOTED (15-20 minutes). Members are asked to wait until a speaker finishes before commenting or questioning.